Saturday, 10 March 2012

Global Rainbow

Tonight I took a trip along the coast to Preston to take a look at the Global Rainbow.

"Global Rainbow is a large scale, spectacular outdoor laser projection created by the artist, Yvette Mattern. It consists of seven parallel beams of high specification laser light, representing the spectrum of the traditional seven colours of the rainbow, and is designed to be projected across large open sites, particularly densely populated areas. With the projection, the artist intends to encompass geographical and social diversity in its reach and symbolise hope. Presented by amino for the first time in the UK Global Rainbow opens the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad year in three regions of the UK: north east and north west England, and Northern Ireland."

Although my cynical nature couldn’t see any connection between what was essentially fourteen expensive laser pens and an attempt to “encompass.. geographical and social diversity..” there is no doubt that it was an extraordinary sight.

The docklands area was mostly filled with keen enthusiast photographers and their wives, some of which were busy trying to stop their kids from pushing each other in the water and others dutifully holding a flask of tea a spare camera battery and a fish-eye lens.

I took the picture (above) using a Nikon J1, using the scattered mooring pillars to rest the camera for the long exposure.  If you would like to see what I presume to be far more professional attempts by the afore mentioned photographers then you can browse the Global Rainbows official flickr feed.

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