Friday, 12 October 2012

The Ghost Telegrams

During July 2012 The Ghost Telegrams were broadcast throughout Lowther Gardens at Lytham.  After unassuming passers by, myself included, had realised they were not hearing voices, these telegrams were a pleasure to sit and listen to in such a quaint location.
"The Ghost Telegrams (volume 1) is a new sound art commission exploring the extraordinary founders of Lytham, the Clifton family, with the voice of Harry played by Ron Moody and the female voices by Jennifer John.

Compiled from unseen archives, these are the untold exploits of eccentric rogue Harry, reclusive mother Violet and Siberian adventurer John Talbot. Follow them from vast wealth through to financial ruin taking in Hollywood gothic, pawned Renoirs and poetic madness." - The Ghost Telegrams website

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  1. Many thanks to David for increasing awareness of this remarkable family.